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"fulfill"の意味は?   参考文:"Her desire was fulfilled."
"swell"の意味は?   参考文:"Her broken ankle was already swelling up."
"assist"の意味は?   参考文:"He will assist us in changing the tire."
"genius"の意味は?   参考文:"We thought of him as a genius."
"surpass"の意味は?   参考文:"Nobody can surpass him."
"mutual"の意味は?   参考文:"Our mutual understanding is indispensable."
"policy"の意味は?   参考文:"This policy resulted in a great rise in prices."
"reputation"の意味は?   参考文:"That incident harmed his reputation."
"product"の意味は?   参考文:"This product brought us a large margin."
"suppose"の意味は?   参考文:"Let's suppose these two lines are parallel."